The best Beach of Rio de Janeiro


Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Bed and Breakfast is located just a short block of the best part of Ipanema beach (Posto 9) the most exclusive district in the city. Ipanema Beach, in the summer, is the best 5 miles of beach in the world. The beach is a large part of Rio’s culture, and everything revolves around it. Ipanema is the true “Praia” culture.

Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon


200 meters from Ipanema Bed and Breakfast.

Surrounding this enormous lagoon has skate hint, cycling street, heliport, clubs, parks and kiosks that offer a variety of food. It is connected to the sea for the Jardim de Alah channel. The lagoon also counts with pedal boats. The Tom Jobim Park is formed by the group of three parks: Brigadeiro Faria Lima, do Cantagalo and Taboas.

Green areas: Nossa Senhora da Paz Square


50 meters from Ipanema Bed and Breakfast.


Ipanema is the fashion heart of Brazil. Its street shops are like an open shopping center, calm and full of attractions and elegance.
One of the largest open air art fairs in the world: Hippie Fair (open every Sunday).

Ipanema also offer the tourists:

  • Live music
  • The best restaurants
  • Night clubs and pubs
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